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Prime ONE Contracting Services

Customer Support 

The expertise and enthusiasm of our engineers and technicians allows Prime ONE Contracting’s support team to achieve the high customer satisfaction we’ve had for more than 20 years. 

We offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to customers worldwide. With our extensive list of allies, we can serve you anywhere within 24 to 48 hours for total on-site support.

Services for Equipment

Equipment support is comprised of on-site services, as well as web-based interaction technologies (e.g. spare part identification and procurement or customer communication).

With Prime ONE Contracting and AIP’s team of maintenance professionals, combined with our repair and calibration center, we’re able to provide high-quality service with dedicated infrastructure to meet 1066 and ISO 17025 testing requirements.

Services for Software

IT and software domains are in constant change (software ageing) due to IT security & data safety, hardware capabilities, interface management, amount of data, etc. Thus, we provide software support to make sure you always keep up with the demands on your testing software and maintain its productivity.

Service Contracts

Teamwork is in our DNA, and we love offering enhanced service packages to our customers. The helpdesk is always open to anyone who purchases our products, but we love to go the extra mile with SLAs. We are able to strengthen our customer’s position with 20 plus years of technical expertise, and offer service contracts for an enhanced support experience. Learn about our SLAs by clicking on the button. 

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Service Level Agreements FAQ

What types of support programs are available?

  • Level 1: Alternating POC Hotline Support-(Agent with basic knowledge of POC & AIP equipment)-Basic Operational Questions with 36-hour response.
  • Level 2: Committed availability according to SLA with technical/engineering knowledge of POC & AIP products with basic access to case management 24/7 self-service portal. Up to 56-hours of support 
  • Level 3: Committed or Single point of contact with engineering/technical knowledge of POC & AIP products with premium access to 24/7 portal. Up to 168-hours of support.

Is a specific agreement needed?

  • Basic Level 1 Support – The Helpdesk is freely available for all POC & AIP customers regarding basic questions.
  • Service Level Agreements 2 & 3: Contracts are required for these enhanced levels of support. 

How to contact the support team?

  • POC Basic Level 1 support can be reached via help desk email or phone (616-327-2534) with 36-hour response.
  • For Level 2 & 3 SLAs, you’ll contact the same email, but be connected to a dedicated POC Engineer with detailed knowledge of our equipment and technical expertise. You’ll receive a custom solution with an SLA monitor.

When is help available?

  • POC-Help-desk Basic and Level 1- Monday-Friday during daily local working hours (Eastern Time) 8:00AM – 5:00PM
  • POC Contract (SLA) Level 2 & 3 – Committed availability according to a (SLA) typically Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. Service Level Agreement with 24/7/365 portal access.

What is the cost?

  • POC-Help-desk Level 1: FREE to all our customers.
  • POC Contract (SLA) Level 2 & 3: Contact our Service Team for options and pricing.

Customer Service Portfolio 

Prime ONE Contracting’s Customer Service Portfolio is continuously evolving to meet our customers’ needs. Below, service activities are listed which received a tech boost through our digital transformation process. Most of our standard services have existed for years, but we have new tools and innovative delivery channels to better solve your challenges.


The goal of our Customer Support Team is to be skilled and reliable for solving all your potential issues while using our technology. Professional support engineers provide information and solutions either remotely, onsite (e.g. service interventions or start-up support) or fully digital via our customer portal.


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