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About Prime ONE Contracting


Prime ONE Contracting supplies, installs and supports automotive testing equipment. Our diverse product / service portfolio offers you new products as well as upgrades. We support the growth of small and large companies alike, with responsive and personal touches in every interaction. 

POC continues working on cutting-edge technology that will increase asset performance and drive accurate testing results while offering premium vehicle test systems in the areas listed below.


1. How long has Prime One Contracting and AIP been in business?

Prime ONE Contracting was started in 1999 by Navy veteran Phil Reuben. We became the exclusive North American distributor of AIP Automotive in 2008 (an automotive industrial test equipment company founded in 1994).

2. What kind of support and services are provided following product purchase?

Please visit the equipment services page for more information on this topic.

3. Does POC have a test lab?

POC does not currently have a test lab. However, POC can arrange for testing from APL.

4. How many service employees are available to maintain products?

POC-AIP has a staff of certified service technicians to service and support its products. Prime One Contracting can dispatch technicians anywhere in North and South America.

5. What is the current equipment delivery/lead times?

The global supply chain has been hit hard in the past few years. POC is working hard with its partners to improve lead times for the delivery of its products. Prime One’s lead times are on par with other test equipment manufacturers and we are looking for paths to further decrease the lead times (i.e. buying in bulk).

6. What is the typical lifespan of a dynamometer?

For a properly maintained dynamometer (undergoing yearly preventative maintenance), the lifespan of the dynamometer should exceed 20 to 30 years. Prime One can perform yearly maintenance (or training for customer-performed maintenance) to ensure long life of the equipment.

7, What is emergency service response time?
  • POC always strives to respond to EVERY inquiry within 36 hours.
  • With the purchase of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) response time can be drastically reduced.
    • Varying SLA’s (Level I – III) can be purchased, ensuring expedited service.
    • These service packages can be explored on our SLA contracts page.
  • POC has an after-hours phone number that can be called at any time, however, the earliest a solution could be offered would be the following day.

POC’s History

Prime ONE Contracting (POC) is a veteran-owned, small business founded in 1999. POC is located in Kentwood, Michigan.

In 2008, we became the exclusive, North American partner to AIP Automotive of Germany. We provide premium test equipment to markets in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Our partner AIP Automotive is a part of the APL Group, one of the leading development groups in the European market.

Electro Magnetic Compliance (EMC)

Road trip simulation test stand for reproducible measurements of electromagnetic compatibility (EM influence of the vehicle on the environment or EM effects on the vehicle from the outside) in an EMC test cell, for development and certification.

Emissions & Fuel Consumption (ICE)

Prime ONE Contracting supports the implementation of large test fields with ICE, hybrid, and e-mobility test beds, as well as small projects. Our extensive application knowledge enables us to find the optimal solution for each customer.

Performance Measurement

We help our customers meet requirements with performance and durability modular test stands for a full range of propulsion systems. These systems can be customized from component levels (including brake, engine, powertrain) up to complete vehicle measurements.

Test Automation

The automotive sector is constantly trying to lower emissions, and our dynamic software ecosystem allows you to effectively handle continuously changing mobility requirements. 

E-mobility (electrification)

We offer complete test stands for light-duty and heavy-duty electrified powertrain development, from fuel cell and battery component level through to full sub-system.

Acoustic Measurement (NVH)

For the measurement and analysis of exterior noise (pass-by measurement) and internal noise (comfort measurement).

Corportate Social Responsibility

Prime ONE Contracting makes every effort to ensure we’re making the most sustainable and considerate choices for our employees, and the environment.

  • All our employees are paid fair wages, and creativity is encouraged.
  • Key forces behind the development of the automotive sector are climate protection and environmental awareness. The entire goal of our business and products is to help reduce the environmental impact of cars.
  • We believe in upstanding and morally honest business practices for every transaction.
  • Charitable giving is a regular part our annual budget.
  • Our products are all responsibly sourced, to the best of our knowledge.