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Euro 7 Regulations (Prime Times Snippet)

Written by preuben


21 September 2022


The European Commission has released new regulations for emissions in their latest proposal. Euro 7 will go into effect in 2025, replacing the current standards of Euro 6. This applies to every vehicle delivered to the market in 2025. The boost in regulations aims to combat the mass air pollution from vehicles that occur overwhelmingly in urban settings. The goal is to eliminate exhaust pollution by 2050 with a push to produce zero emissions cars and vans by 2035.

There are several additions to Euro 7 that make the regulations distinct from Euro 6. The biggest difference is that Euro 7 will require limits on particulate emissions from brakes and microplastics from tires. These regulations apply, not only to ICE’s, but also to EV’s. The second extension of Euro 7 calls for battery durability qualifications. So, what does this mean for you? Euro 7 will impact international markets, suppliers, and engineers. To prepare for these shifts, it’s important to act now. Essentially, all test benches will be expected to supply the necessary equipment that monitors additional pollutants.

Check out our product spotlight below (from our German partner) to learn about our LAS system and its benefits for meeting Euro 7 regulations.


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