On-Site Service

If a breakdown occurs on your test stand, your test program can be jeopardized. Prompt and targeted action is required. We first try to narrow down the possible causes with professional advice to correct the problem via our case management by either phone or email support through our Help-desk. If on-site deployment becomes necessary, based on the breakdown profile a work order (WO) will be generated, and a suitable specialist will be scheduled and most often sent with the necessary replacement parts within 24-48 hours based upon either Level 1 or Level 2 support.

POC On-Site Service guarantees:

  • Professional advice to narrow down the possible causes of breakdown
  • Coordination of the service
  • Short reaction times
  • On-site breakdown diagnosis
  • Provide the necessary replacement parts
  • Remedy the breakdown
  • Professional problem solving by deployment of certified specialists
  • Work order tracking tool used to map out potential issues before a breakdown.

Phone: 1-616-327-2534