Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance of a test system avoids costly downtime, expensive repairs, incorrect measurements, and keeps the test system in good condition. We offer a comprehensive set of maintenance services and contracts that are tailored to your specific needs. POC experts exclusively use original parts that fulfill the high technical demands.

POC will:

  • Produce a maintenance plan tailored to your system
  • Keep the quality of your test systems at a high level
  • Recognize necessary overhauls in time before a major issue arises
  • Increase your test systems reliability
  • Visual inspect individual components
  • Status check all systems
  • Check and record all parameters configurations
  • Maintain your equipment according to regulations
  • Document the status of the equipment in the maintenance log with suggestion for optimization measures.

Please note our Contract-Support options located under Help-Desk. For more information, you can contact our service group at
1-616-710-3026 or Email: POC Service Team