EMS-Emission Measurment System

Conception and function in accordance with European, Japanese and US-Legislation

PMC-Particle Mass Controller

Used for measuring and controlling the sample gas stream volume

SPC-Solid Particle Counter

Solid Particle Counter SPC 8000

QCL/N2O Quantum Cascade Laser:

(QCL/N2O)-High selectivity,no cross interference and 2 physical measurement ranges

CVS-Constant Volume Sampler

The AIP CVS 8000 is installed inside a compact cabinet,

POC ISC v10 Software

ISC is a highly sophisticated graphic user interface


DynoPlanner is functional expansion of the test stand control software


The program DYNOEXCHANGE is a flexible software module from AIP

Driver’s Aid Software

Driving cycles are standardized routes with predetermined time and velocity


DynoServer is a highly sophisticated graphic interface

LDCR/MDCR-48 Chassis Dyno 2WD

POC 2WD Light duty /Medium Duty 48" Core replacement

Power Converter Upgrade

Siemens drive and controls upgrade

4WD Conversion Kit L/M...

Convert your existing machine into a 4WD machine.

ECDM-21- Motorcycles,Scooters and ATV’s

Emissions, Temperature, Fuel Consumption and End-of-Line

ECDM-2WD/4WD HDD-Heavy Duty

Special testing systems for research and design centers

ECDM-48L Chassis Dyno 2WD...

Emission Chassis Dynos for front/rear or all-wheel driven vehicles

FRD Flat Road Dynamometer...

Specially designed for research and development tasks in wind tunnel,etc.

CDM-FRP(4)Motor Chassis Dyno

Specially designed for research and development tasks

Mileage Accumulation Chassis Dyno

These systems are designed for continuous long-term vehicle endurance tests

CDM 37.5L EMC Chassis...

2WD/4WD Test stand for the indoor measurement of electromagnetic compliance

CDM-75L-NVH-Chassis Dyno

For use in anechoic chambers to measure vehicle noise, etc.

Battery Fast Charging Station

HPDC 1000/400 eStation

Throttle Actuator (AIP-TA 150)

The AIP-TA 150 is a system for automatic accelerator pedal

“James” Robot Driver

‘James’ an intelligent, lightweight, modular driving robot

Vehicle Restraints 2WD /...

POC offers several different tire and vehicle restraints

Air Speed Simulation Fans

POC has developed several variable road speed fans (VRSF)

CDM-FRP/BPS For Tracktors

Two vehicles can be tested simultaneously on the function/brake test

CDM-BL-Brake Function Roller

Specially designed for research and development tasks in the industry.

CDM-BPS ABS Brake Test...

The test stand is designed for brake effectiveness tests.

CDM-FRP 8X8 Test Stand

Designed for conducting end-of-line quality and final check out tests.

CDM-FRP-500 4X4 Performance Test...

The test stand consists of 4 roller sets