The New AIP

This brief video highlights a few Changes at the new AIP (formally MAHA-AIP). Please take a moment to watch the video, if you have any questions relating to any products or the change please let us know.


New Mercedes-Benz Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel. 

This brief video highlights Diamlers new advanced Aero-acoustic Wind Tunnel at the development centre in Sindelfingen . With its new Aero-Acoustic Wind Tunnel, and a AIP-5 belt FRDM 20L system this research and development center can use the system to reproduce forces introduced by the vehicle in X-Y-Z direction as well a precise measurement of induced roll- pitch-and yaw moments. Extensive noise insulation measures are integrated to allow use as an acoustic tunnel where interior and exterior wind noise can be measured for the relevant test vehicle. Even at 140 km/h the air flowing through the measuring stretch is therefore as quiet as a whisper.

AIP recently completed the installation of a new EMC Chassis Dyno AIP EMC CDM 37.5 4  with 11m turntable for autonomous vehicles and active safety system testing. This newly completed EMC chamber was designed to be state-of-the-art in performance and technology. More and more advanced technology is introduced in vehicles and the introduction of autonomous driving is getting closer. Electronics has to operate safely and flawlessly. We test products dependent on electronics and wireless communication. The test chamber is built to handle vehicles weighing up to 70 tons.