EMS-Emission Measurment System

Conception and function in accordance with European, Japanese and US-Legislation

PMC-Particle Mass Controller

Used for measuring and controlling the sample gas stream volume

SPC-Solid Particle Counter

SPC)-Particle counting in accordance with ECE regulations / PMP working

QCL/N2O Quantum Cascade Laser:

(QCL/N2O)-High selectivity,no cross interference and 2 physical measurement ranges using

CVS-Constant Volume Sampler

The MAHA CVS 8000 is installed inside a compact cabinet,

Win7dyno Software

The system is operated through the win7 user interface software

Dyno Planner

Typical application of the DynoPlanner is functional expansion of the

Dyno Exchange

The program DYNOEXCHANGE is a flexible software module from MAHA-AIP

Driver’s Aid

Driving cycles are standardized routes with predetermined time and velocity


DynoServer is a highly sophisticated graphic interface between user and

(English) LDCR/MDCR-48 Chassis Dyno...

(English) POC 2WD Light duty /Medium Duty 48" Core replacement

Power Converter Upgrade

This Siemens upgrade replaces drives found in older series Power

Custom 4WD Conversion Kit...

Convert your existing machine into a 4WD machine or combine

ECDM-21MC Chassis Dyno for...

The MAHA AIP-ECDM 21 MC Emission Chassis Dynamometer for motorcycles,

ECDM-Emissions Chassis Dyno 2WD/4WD...

Special testing systems for cars,trucks, motorcycles, ATVs,tractorsforklifts, special vehicles, etc.

ECDM-48L Chassis Dyno 2WD...

*48" Roller set with AC motor (motor-in-the-middle principle),*Precise, reproducible mass

FRD Flat Road Dynamometer...

Specially designed for research and development tasks in wind tunnel,etc.

CDM – FRP (4)...

Specially designed for research and development tasks in the automotive

CDM 48L/M and CDM...

The Mileage Accumulation Dyno's are designed for continuous long-term vehicle

CDM 37.5L EMC Chassis...

2WD or 4WD roller test stand for light and medium

CDM 75L NVH –...

For use in anechoic chambers to measure vehicle noise, vibration

(English) Battery Fast Charging...

(English) HPDC 1000/400 eStation

Throttle Actuator (AIP-TA 150)

The throttle actuator AIP-TA 150 is a system for automatic

„James“ Robot Driver

‘James’ was designed to be an intelligent, lightweight, modular driving

Custom Vehicle Restraints (Wheel...

Prime ONE offers several different tire restraints including wheel chocks

Air Speed Simulation Fans...

Prime ONE Contracting (POC) has developed a road speed fan

CDM – FRP/BPS Test...

Two vehicles can be tested simultaneously on the function /

CDM – BL- Brake...

Specially designed for research and development tasks in the industry.

CDM – BPS ABS-Brake...

Two double roller sets,one-sided uncoupled from the driving shaft for

CDM – FRP 8X8...

Designed for conducting end-of-line quality and final check-out tests on

CDM – FRP 500...

The test stand consists of 4 roller pairs, (roller sets)