A History of Success

Prime ONE Contracting (POC) is a veteran-owned, small business company founded in 1999.  Since the creation of the company, our focus has been on our customers and the constantly evolving, testing market.  This attention has led to a continual development of our products and services, including vehicle testing, that offers the latest advancements to our customer base. 

POC's constant growth has led to recognition by key companies in the industry and an expansion into foreign markets. AIP Automotive, located in Hadenwang, Germany, partnered with us in 2008 as their sole, solutions provider of test equipment for markets in Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil.  This partnership has allowed both POC and AIP to leverage respective strengths in R&D, engineering, and support to offer a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services to those in the testing market.  This combined commitment by both companies has secured opportunities at the EPA, many of the OEM’s, and tier suppliers who recognize our passion and ability to provide solutions that solve current testing challenges and those in the foreseeable future.

Our Focus

Prime ONE Contracting (POC) will continue working on cutting edge technology that will increases asset performance and help drive more accurate testing results while offering a premium class of specialty vehicle test systems in the area’s listed below.

E-Mobility EMC Fuel Cell Emissions, Evaporation R&D Application Durability, COP, BSR Aero Dynamics NVH


Mobile and Stationary charging stations for electromobility

  1. Battery Shaker
  2. Mobile Charger
  3. Battery Fast Charging Station
  4. Battery Simulator
  5. E-Axle Dynamometer


Verification electro-magnetic compliance (EMC)

Chassis Dynamometer design has no detectable RF-radiation in the frequency range between 30 kHz -3 GHz

Fuel Cell

Powertrain Dynamometer

Powertrain or engine test rig for analysis of the entire vehicle, the complete vehicle drivetrain or the components.

Emissions, Evaporation

Exhaust gas and fuel consumption measurement 

  1. Portable Emission Measurement (PEMS)
  2. Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)
  3. Particle Measurement
  4. Nitric Oxide Measurement
  5.  Emission Chassis Dyno ECDM 48L/M/HD 2WD -4WD Conforms to the US-spec "EPA RFP C100081 T1" as well as to the requirements of the current European and Japanese Guidelines.

R&D Application

Functional testing, e.g. in climatic and altitude chambers. Various designs for 2WD and 4WD applications available.

  1. Chassis Dynamometers
  2. Climatic Chamber - Wind Tunnel
  3. Multi-Motor Chassis Dyno
  4. Mileage Accumulator 


Durability, COP, BSR

Endurance testing, COP

The pulsed flat road dynamometer provides highly dynamic excitation of the individual wheels in the vertical and horizontal direction during a road drive simulation. The excitation of the vehicle wheels in the vertical direction provides realistic simulation of various road surfaces (i.e. pot holes, gaps, cobblestone streets, bridge joints, etc.).


Aero Dynamics

Performance measurement, e.g. in a wind tunnel 

Development and basic research in the field of aerodynamic research on cars, delivery vans and racing cars in an aero-acoustic wind tunnel.


NVH Chassis Dynamometer (Acoustic measurement) 

The measurement and analysis of exterior noise (pass-by measurement) and internal noise (comfort measurement).